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TDMaverick: Bluetooth speakers and integrated amps

A range of home entertainment products from UK manufacturer Vision is on show at ISE 2015, including powered speakers and an amplifier that integrates directly into a connectivity faceplate on the table or wall.

Vision’s Techaudio range is growing with the launch of new CS-1600P powered ceiling loudspeakers. With built-in Bluetooth 4.0, users can connect via their Android, iPhone, tablet, or Mac laptop. A 2 x 30W digital amplifier is integrated into the master speaker, while there is one wired stereo input and a line-level output to feed another set if required. The speakers support RS232 control and ship with an IR remote control.

The CS-1600P can be set to automatically select the Bluetooth input when a device connects, or installers can set it so that the remote must be used to select the Bluetooth input.

Vision is also launching a pair of powered loudspeakers aimed at cost-sensitive classroom and meeting room installations. The SP-1400P has a 2 x 30W digital amplifier built in, features two inputs and comes with a remote control.

Vision’s Techconnect Amplifier is also getting a power boost, taking it up to 2 x 25W. The new version is called TC2-AMP4 and arrives into stock in March, according to TDMaverick. The amplifier can be installed as a standalone product or can clip into the Techconnect faceplate next to other modules, which TDMaverick says creates a convenient and secure audio solution. It has two inputs and comes complete with a remote control.

Wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted loudspeakers are also available from Vision, which are optimised for the Techconnect Amp.