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From bigger and louder to smaller and prettier

Klipsch, an audio company and wholly owned subsidiary of VOXX International, is showcasing over 50 new high-performance custom speaker solutions for residential
and commercial applications here in Amsterdam.

Among the highlights are the company’s first foray into discreet speakers, designed for home owners that do not want to see where the sound is coming from. The company is demonstrating the

Professional Series Reference speakers, of which the small aperture models – the ProR14C – are in-ceiling speakers no bigger than an average spotlight.

Those can be supported in an installation by the Pro800SW Subwoofer, which can be hidden above a ceiling with sound emanating from a similarly small aperture.

Michael Buratto, product manager for component audio at Klipsch, stated: “The Pro Series Reference small aperture models are for good audio, have a good range of sound, but they’re designed for a home environment.

They have as small a visual profile as possible so they look consistent with the rest of the lighting in the home.”

He continued: “We are starting to get more into this more aesthetically-focused design, than just sound-focused.

We’ve always been a brand that concentrates on as big and as loud as possible, great-sounding speakers, focused on acoustic performance rather than what looks right necessarily for home owners.

But as lights get smaller because of LEDs, TVs get smart and thinner, people want speakers that match up with that look.”