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BenQ projectors aim to meet ever-rising expectations

There was a host of new DLP projectors on show at the BenQ stand at ISE 2014, from ultra-short-throw projection to wireless display, and from 3D 1080p to collaborative interactivity, for business, education or home use.

The MW621ST is claimed to offer “the highest display flexibility and uncompromised picture quality” for small-sized business settings. Its short-throw projection range can give a 55in display at 1m, and it can connect to a PC, Mac, iPhone or iPad via WiFi, for hassle-free presentation. The new SW916 has a 1.6x zoom for a wide range of throw distances, making it ideal as a replacement for older projectors without having to fit a new ceiling mount or projector setting.

For education the MW853UST offers interactive projection with Multi Screen calibration. Two MW853USTs double the teaching space and include two PointWrite kits to work with seamlessly QWrite. Up to four PointWrite pens are supported, but adding a Laser Curtain module allows writing with up to four fingers or objects. There is also the PX9600 that projects learning games onto the floor for collaborative interactive learning with WizeFloor, where students can use their hands and feet to tackle the challenges together.

The 1080p W1500 is claimed to be the world’s first home projector with Wireless Display to free the user from cables. It also features: Triple Flash 144Hz technology for better 3D rendering; frame interpolation for smoother motion; Rec.709 colour; and a 1.6x zoom with lens shift.

The exponential growth in the hardware and software technological revolution across the audiovisual and electronics industry, together with the blooming of information and communications technology, has drastically altered the customer world, according to Adams Lee, president of BenQ Europe. “Expectations and demands have risen, as new user experiences are made possible,” he said. “Impossibility has been officially replaced by invincibility.”

Lee believes that it’s no longer about what’s doable, but rather what more can be done. “Smartphones and tablets have opened customers to a whole new interactive experience, and left a desire to enjoy interaction and touch functions on larger screens and the seamless content sharing between devices,” he said. “New features and applications of projector, interactive flat panels and digital signage have brought new possibilities to offices, schools and homes, and left an itch for more simplicity, ease of use and affordability. And WiFi availability and 3G connectivity have liberated consumers with instant access to limitless digital content, as well as the power to stay connected 24/7, and left the expectation to have wireless in everything.”

Lee believes that customers will be key in 2014. “They have been more than ever empowered by technology and are made believers in innovation. As businesses facing a no-compromise audience, we must challenge ourselves to change,” he said. “Set new expectations and demands and take action – or fall under the competitive pressure of product differentiation and cut-throat price war.

“Taking BenQ for example, as a company we have grown over the years into a product and solutions provider – introducing PointDraw interactive projectors to schools, placing Eye-care business monitors in offices or taking home entertainment to the next level of simplicity, ease and enjoyment with wireless 3D 1080p projection technology.”

He summarises this in BenQ’s new year’s resolution for 2014: “Master the art of balance in creating and delivering value.”