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Become a master of cybersecurity with CEDIA

The threat posed by hackers and cybersecurity breaches is constantly evolving. New for ISE 2020, CEDIA’s Cybersecurity Workshop will provide an in-depth look at the concepts of network security and privacy, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Hosted on Monday 10 February at the Hotel Okura, CEDIA’s Cybersecurity Workshop is a full-day course that will cover all aspects of network security and privacy, and how these concepts have evolved to be critical components of every system design, implementation, and aftercare plan. 

Suitable for both residential and commercial integrators, as well as manufacturers looking to create security policies for their products, the day will mix seminars and demonstrations, with immersive and collaborative sessions.

Throughout the day, attendees will be guided through the generation of example cybersecurity policies, ensuring systems are implemented securely, and customer expectations are managed. Topics include:

Awareness of the Network

  • 24/7 monitoring of systems 
  • Alerts for changes on the network
  • Classification of devices
  • Importance of devices (network switches vs iPhones, etc.)
  • Changes in network performance
  • Network mapping and topology

Network Infrastructure and End-Points

  • Wireless access point security
  • Network switch security
  • Open ports
  • DMZ
  • Virtual private networks
  • Firmware updates

Remote Monitoring

  • Access security
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Remote desktop protocol

Attendees will take part in sessions where they will create the outline for two important policies: for staff and end users. At the end of the workshop attendees will be given template cybersecurity policies that, combined with learning from the course, will help to create policies specific to their business. 

The lead instructor of this course will be Jeff Sonnleitner, a professional network and security instructor with over 35 years’ experience.

To find out more and to book your place on the Cybersecurity Workshop, visit: 

Cybersecurity Podcast

Ahead of the Cybersecurity Workshop at ISE, brush up on your knowledge by listening to the CEDIA Cybersecurity Podcast. From horror stories to real solutions, guests Mike Mansicalco (Pytheas), Rich Green (Rich Green Design), and the lead instructor for the Cybersecurity Workshop, Jeff Sonnleitner, discuss some of the major issues facing us when it comes to network security and privacy. Listen here.