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Bang & Olufsen takes a new line on landscape audio

Showcasing the outcome of its latest collaboration with architectural audio company Origin Acoustics, Bang & Olufsen is demonstrating the Terrestrial Line Array at ISE 2018. It is a modular speaker system that was created for outdoor applications as part of a landscape audio system.

Built up from a base unit that includes two modules, and expandable vertically to as many as six, the system can be assembled to meet the precise needs of the installation, says the company. The modules are constructed from aluminium and are almost cube shaped with the backside being only slightly smaller than the front. Each cube houses a single 5in, full range driver with a VariBlade Lens placed directly in front of the cone to increase high-frequency dispersion. A 70v transformer is also housed in the base unit.

Stefan K Persson, executive vice president at Bang & Olufsen Home, said: “With every product we make, and with every user experience we conceive, we strive for the perfect, uncompromising combination of iconic design, beautiful sound, and seamless integration. With the new Terrestrial speakers, we extend our mastery of interior design past a new threshold – both literal and figurative – to the outdoors.”

Stand: 5-U100