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axle video management tools launched

Making its ISE debut is American software developer axle Video. The company is launching its axle 2016 series of tools to manage and search large amounts of video, along with a number of bundled hardware/software solutions that incorporate networked storage.

Before axle, the company says, the task of managing, searching and sharing large amounts of media files was an elaborate undertaking, with expensive storage systems and customised media management software, with total costs of a deployment easily stretching into six figures. By contrast, the company says it has been able to offer software solutions starting at €2,000 and hardware/software solutions from €5,000-€15,000 by radically simplifying the software deployment and training required. axle software works with any Web browser and is also said to be compatible with a wide range of network protocols and media formats.

The axle 2016 system takes the axle media management platform and adds several new key features including a Google-style Elastic Search capability that allows anyone to find media based on simple search criteria; a software dashboard, tightly integrated with axle, that provides ongoing status readouts for the system; and integration with Adobe’s Premiere CC and Anywhere solutions via a drag-and-drop panel interface.

The company, founded in 2012, says it already has hundreds of customers worldwide including governments, universities, sports teams, corporate video departments and churches.

axle Video’s hardware/software solutions come with unlimited user access to the networked storage, and a five-user license for the axle media management software including a year of software updates.

“We know corporate, government, sports and educational customers are looking for powerful new search tools as well as cost-effective storage options for their video content,” said Sam Bogoch, CEO of axle. “Now, they can accomplish this with a very affordable complete system.”

Stand: 6-M162