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AV sparks need for precise power

First-time exhibitor Integra builds standard and customised heavy-duty power distribution units or mains distribution units that allow raw mains power input to be distributed in exactly the format required physically (using any appropriate plug/socket combinations) and electrically.

“We’ll build single-phase or three-phase distribution panels tailored to very exact specifications,” explained Paul Naish, sales and marketing manager.

“The norm in commercial or domestic electrical wiring is to provide ample sockets (outlets) for everything you might want to run on a given circuit, and then fit spares just in case. Since in Europe there is more often than not 100A available, there is very little chance of the load ever reaching the available threshold. Where AV installations are concerned, just as with any critical IT application, it’s different.”

This can mean that a circuit could be running at 80% capacity or more, so any spike or sudden additional draws could kill the system. This is why AV system circuits typically have sufficient outlets and power for a certain number of appliances, and no more.

“We’ll provision exactly what is needed in terms of electrical distribution, and make the most sensible and safest use of the power available, and will wire things to exact standards in order to ensure a balanced use of available power, with redundancy if required. For instance, where we know that the running power draw of the AV application is close to the maximum capacity of the power available, we’ll implement soft-start sequencing technology so that system boot-up is reliably achieved every time,” he continued.

Integra also offers circuit monitoring so that before anything is added to a circuit it’s easy to see how close to capacity it is, and send alarms via email, SMS or SNMP trap.