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RH Consulting to present ISE-exclusive auto-mixing demo

As this issue went to press, we learned of an addition to the InfoComm professional development sessions. On Wednesday 11 February at 16:00, an ISE-exclusive session will take place entitled ‘Better than human music mixing – live music auto-mixed for the 21st century’. This will introduce a series of revolutionary developments that allow live music to be mixed totally by computer to a standard as good as, or perhaps better than, humans.

How will this technology change audio engineering?

Presented by RH Consulting in association with Korean Advanced Technology Research Group, the session will feature an introduction to the auto-mixing technologies involved and a demonstration of the system mixing music. A question and discussion session will cover how this technology will be used and how it will impact the audio market.

Entry to the session costs €40; InfoComm members and guest members may attend free of charge.