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Audix M3 for conferencing applications

Audix is displaying the M3, a tri-element hanging microphone system designed for installed applications where aesthetics, sound quality, and ease of installation are critical. Available in white or charcoal grey with custom colors available, the M3 is suited to audio capture for videoconferencing, distance learning, courtroom activities, and surgical procedures. It can also be used for ambient room miking and surveillance.

The M3 incorporates three phase coherent hypercardioid capsules with tailored frequency response optimised for speech intelligibility. This is accomplished by minimising frequencies caused by noise, vibration, paper shuffling, keyboard strokes, fans, and heating and air conditioning.

Low noise preamp circuitry is employed for highest possible signal to noise and studio quality sound. A high quality silicone jacketed microphone cable ensures a balanced, shielded signal and a clean look.

The M3 connects to the input of a mixer or DSP console via an included breakout cable. The breakout cable consists of a female RJ45 connector that terminates in either three terminal block or XLR connectors. A variety of optional shielded Cat7 cable lengths (from plenum rated junction box to break out cable) are available.

Also on display is the M3WHM, which is designed for hard mount ceiling installations without drop tile ceilings, making this an excellent option for dry wall ceilings.

Gene Houck, installed sound sales manager, Audix, said: “The M3 tri-element ceiling mic is Audix’s best selling microphone for good reason. Not only is it incredibly easy to set up, but this innovative ceiling microphone provides exceptional coverage with remarkable audio quality. It is truly setting a new standard for ceiling microphone performance.”

Stand: 3-C87