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Audio software packs extra DSP

Solid State Logic is presenting its SSL Live V5.0 Console and SOLSA Software, which adds scalable Plus Processing Packs digital signage processing (DSP) to existing and forthcoming consoles.

The packs offer additional DSP resources for SSL Live L100, L200, L350 and L550 consoles, adding greater flexibility and wider applications to owners of existing SSL Live products. They will also be usable with the forthcoming L450 and L650 consoles, while solutions by Meyer Sound and Shure are also integrated. 

Nigel Beaumont, managing director, SSL, said: “As tours and events start coming back online, many with increased production requirements, the new Plus Processing Packs and Live V5.0 software features offer existing SSL Live console owners the opportunity to enhance their inventories and benefit from additional features. It’s important for Solid State Logic to not only develop consoles for next-gen events, but to keep adding value to existing customers’ SSL live inventory.”

Building on the SSL Live L-ISA control integration found in Live V4.11, Live V5.0 Console and SOLSA Software features integrated control solutions for Meyer Sound Spacemap Go Immersive, Shure ULX-D and Axient Digital Mic Control, offering control of key features from within the SSL Live console ecosystem.