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Audio here, there and…

Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies is being described by the company as the first low-cost assistive listening solution for smartphones that utilises existing wireless networks for audio streaming.

Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies products began shipping globally in December 2017.

“ExXothermic, which is the parent company of Audio Everywhere, is still doing product development for Listen Technologies,” ExXothermic’s Wendy Glasser told the ISE Daily. “It’s a perfect partnership.

We have the technology; they have the distribution channels.”

According to the company, Audio Everywhere from Listen Technologies is easy to add to a venue’s wireless network and can accommodate thousands of users and over 50 channels, providing more choices and an enhanced experience for patrons and guests.

Both the MX3 and the smaller MX5 servers are on display at the stand.

“We have the best latency on the market and I think that we have the maximum number of listeners that can connect at one time,” Glasser commented. “ISE has been a great show; we’ve had great reception from Listen distributors and people looking for audio solutions for assisted listening.”