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AtlasIED speakers are heard, not seen

ISE has seen the introduction by AtlasIED of the SHS Strategically Hidden Speaker to an international audience for the first time. The SHS Series is said to fill a necessary niche in commercial speakers, merging superior sound quality with thoughtful design so that the speaker virtually disappears into the ceiling.

The concealed design of the SHS is achieved by Adaptive Dispersion Lens Technology, a new, patented waveguide form. Only a 3in diameter lens and a micro trim ring are visible on the ceiling. The dispersion lens can be easily painted or replaced with material to match the ceiling, allowing the SHS to blend in without compromising the architectural aesthetic of the room.

Designed to deliver highly intelligible audio, the speaker has a two-way driver providing high-definition sound. Sound exits the two-way transducer and passes through the patented adaptive dispersion lens for a smooth and uniform frequency response with, according to the company, no “hot spots”. The speaker uses an integrated 32W 70V/100V transformer with a sealed enclosure above the ceiling for optimal bass response and offers ultra-wide 180° dispersion for full coverage in any environment.

For hard-to-match environments, AtlasIED’s DesignLab custom print process uses a UV printer to replicate colours, textures, and patterns, enabling the SHS to blend into any environment.

Stand: 6-K160