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Ashton Bentley creates all-in-one Zoom Room experience

Looking to equip your meeting rooms with easy-to-use and integrated professional presentation and audio-videoconferencing systems? Creating a fully integrated experience can be difficult and time-consuming, including assembling components from several vendors for the audio-visual solution, working with building and electrical contractors, and specialist furniture suppliers to have a meeting table integrated with all the required technology, and this rarely results in an elegant setup.

Ashton Bentley has overcome these challenges by delivering an all-in-one Zoom Room experience, built with Zoom-certified components, into Ashton Bentley’s proven complete room system packages. This complete Zoom Room works as an integrated all-in-one system, including chairs and technology-enabled tables. As with all Ashton Bentley collaboration and meeting spaces, the Zoom Room can be assembled in hours instead of days, with no specialist skills/tools or intrusive building works.

The Ashton Bentley Zoom Room experience includes all the furniture and hardware technology needed for a full meeting room experience, including tables, chairs, displays, touchscreen controller, camera, microphones, speakers, discreet power and USB charging sockets, and concealed content sharing cable retractors

The included iPad user interface is simple and intuitive to use with the Zoom Room experience to join/launch audio/video meetings, share your presentation, see your meetings for the day and invite remote participants.

Option available are single, dual and triple 4K displays (55in, 65in or 75in) and tables ranging from three seats to 13 seats, with a shape optimised for videoconferencing.

Displays can be built into the standalone chassis (this requires no building work) or wall-mounted and an optional touch overlay on the main display provides whiteboarding and annotation with the Zoom Room for Touch experience.

Stand: 14-N100