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Asano extended

A new module for Asano extends the multi-room audio system, enabling integration of third-party amplifiers such as surround receivers.

A decentralised modular system developed for use with KNX, Asano allows installers to freely locate sources and amplifiers anywhere in a building. It enables clear sound to be transported to every zone in a digitally transparent and uncompressed manner.

The Asano system can connect a virtually unlimited number of zones and up to 250 sources.

The Asano P1 and the Asano P4 are stereo amplifiers for one and four zones respectively. Asano N1 is a network node to connect any source to the Asano system. Asano uses uncompressed 24-bit audio over Ethernet to transport audio between the various zones. Basalte has already won two awards with Asano, the IF product design award and the Reddot Award.

The system has been extended to incorporate third-party devices with the A3 module. It’s also possible to integrate active speakers, like those of Bang & Olufsen. With A3, installers can connect up to three zones and two local sources. If a source is connected to one of the inputs, this source immediately becomes a source for all the other zones of the Asano system.