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Gonsin to exhibit app-upgradeable conferencing system at ISE

The DCS-2021 Distributed Congress System from Gonsin on show at ISE 2015 offers paperless multimedia functions via an app. According to the company, the advantage of this approach is that adding more functions requires only an upgrade of the app, rather than the acquisition of more hardware, and users need only buy the features they require. The system can also be upgraded with the addition of handheld voting terminals.

Available either wireless or wired, features include video playback, presentation transcript, intercom, service calls, soft keyboard input and multilingual display.

Equipped with a 4.3in LCD touchscreen, the congress server and congress terminal features a GUI that facilitates operation and improves user experience.

By connecting a WiFi converter to the USB port, any congress terminal can become a wireless terminal, using a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack and charger. The system uses cloud computing and cloud storage solutions and includes proprietary end-to-end encryption (E2EE) technology to ensure the highest level of congress privacy and security.

Stand: 3-A139