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Antrica to present cost-effective video encoder/decoder

First time ISE exhibitors Antrica will present the ANT-6000 encoder/decoder at this year's show. The device, which is an upgrade to the company's 4000 series, streams live content adding higher bit-rates and an HD/SD-SDI interface for broadcast application requiring embedded audio.

A full HD video server encoder and decoder will be the ISE focus for first time exhibitor Antrica. For use in streaming live content to digital signage decoders, the ANT-6000 can accept HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI-D and VGA signal inputs up to 1,920 x 1,080 at 60Hz or 60 frames/second and stream out over a LAN in RTSP or MPEG-TS formats.

Digital signage display decoders that can decode live streams can display the content together with pre-recorded files. Embedded audio in both HDMI and SDI is supported as is two-way audio. High quality video can be streamed over any IP network with ultra-low 80ms latency end-to-end.

The ANT-6000 series is an upgrade to the 4000 series, adding higher bit-rates and an HD/SD-SDI interface for broadcast applications requiring embedded audio. Antrica claims that the ANT-6000 encoder plus decoder cost well under half to a third of similar specification products. Latency is said to be relatively low end-to-end at under 80ms and the devices have an RS232 interface plus back channel audio in addition to the main stereo audio stream.

Antrica also produces a complementary decoder in the event customers require a low latency HDMI to HDMI or SDI to HDMI link over IP. The ANT-6000 can be powered from a 12v supply or via PoE. Using the latest H.264 codecs, the ANT-6000 supports data rates from 100Kbits/second up to 25 Mbits/second for Blu-Ray quality streams with two way stereo audio. The ANT-6000D decoder is also available for simple point to point links.

Stand: 1-E112