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ANT-1771 designed to fly high

A recurring topic at ISE, and one that has become more popular over the years, is ‘convergence’. Living proof of convergence in action can be found on the stand of exhibitor Antrica, where the company is showcasing an encoder/decoder which it expects will also appeal to the world’s armed forces – in unmanned aerial vehicles, for example – who are becoming increasingly video-centric, such is the nature of modern military intelligence gathering.

The product in question is the ANT-1771, and it is the first in a line designed to encode and decode HD video. Available in both cased and PCB-only versions, it can support multiple camera connections in SDI and composite video formats with multiple streams. Decoding can be achieved using the same hardware or with what Antrica claims is a unique low latency custom designed player: the player is available for integration with customers’ own software.

The ANT-1771 can be controlled via both IP and serial connections and a full software development kit is available. Onboard recording to internal flash or external SD card is supported, as are UDP MPEG TS or RTSP streaming as well as transport stream and STANAG 4609 metadata generation and extraction. Recordings saved locally can be played back remotely.

The ANT-1771 PCB module weighs just 65g with connectors attached and measures less than 80 x 62 x 22 mm in PCB format and 105 x 72 x 32mm in the cased version.