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Amphion Amp700 leverages latest technology

The Amp700 features a buffer stage for improved sonics

Those who are familiar with Amphion’s Amp500 stereo amplifier will be heading to the company’s stand to find out more about its replacement, the Amp700.

The original Amphion amplifiers were introduced in 2014 – and, the company notes, amplifier technology has moved on since then. After evaluating all amplifier technology options currently available in the marketplace, the company says it found a module which fulfilled its requirements. The Amp700 is described as providing abundant, fast, controlled power with low distortion – providing a synergistic match with the acoustics of all Amphion monitors. 

To reach the needed performance level, Amphion developed a buffer stage, which it says improved the sonics further by adding a subtle touch of class A sound to D class topology. Three step adjustment (0 dB, -12dB, -24dB) of the amplifier’s input sensitivity allows users to find suitable settings for each speaker model/application.

The amplifier is capable of 700W per channel at four ohms. Dynamic range is 117dB. The Amp700 is provided in a 2U rack-mountable form and is constructed from aluminium.