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Ampetronic to introduce MultiLoop Driver range

The new Ampetronic MLD family features three models said to mark a major step forward for professional loop system. The range of amplifiers drives current two loop system in combination.

On display for the first time at ISE 2014 will be the new MultiLoop Driver range from Ampetronic. The MultiLoop Driver (MLD) range of amplifiers drives current two loop systems in combination, featuring dual output channels and 90° phase shift in a highly compact single rack space.

Rack space saving is claimed to be dramatic compared with any other solutions, reducing space and thermal management requirements by 50-90%. Combined with features to extend system flexibility and provide superior performance and reliability, Ampetronic says that the MLDs mark a major step forwards for professional loop systems.

The MLDs can be used to drive combination loop systems for efficient coverage of large areas. The new amplifiers include as standard new fail-safe thermal protection techniques to ensure reliability and robustness. Status reporting outputs on all amplifiers are said to make for easy integration in other audio and safety systems.

Consisting of three units with a range of output currents for efficient area coverage solutions, the range is headed up by the MLD9, which feature Class G amplifiers that are said to save up to 60% in energy consumption.

Ampetronic’s new products also mark the adoption of the new standard EN 62489-1, an important new reference for measurement and rating of induction loop equipment.

Stand: 11-C83