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Aluminium is the answer

Extolling the virtues of loudspeakers made from aluminium here at ISE is T+A Elektroakustik. The company is showcasing its TALIS series, which comprises the floor-standing TALIS S 300 and the bookshelf TALIS R 300.

According to the company, aluminium as a primary material opens up a wide range of options in terms of sculptural form, surface finish and design that are simply not attainable from cabinets made of wood.

T+A Elektroakustik says that its use of sophisticated extrusion tools enables it to produce extremely rigid cabinets whose internal volume is high in spite of their slender, compact shape.

This in turn, the company continues, allows the speakers to reproduce bass – even very low frequencies – superbly, while eliminating any trace of cabinet resonance.

T+A Elektroakustik points out that not a single screw is visible in the organically shaped baffle, which is designed to generate a perfect radiation pattern over the full mid/treble range. The drive units are its latest developments, and are, the company believes, perfectly tailored to the cabinets.

They are fitted with ‘huge’ magnets, that generate enormous force fields, large coils with high power rating and low-profile cone surrounds.

They also boast extremely deep centring systems, rigid pressure-cast aluminium cradles and rigid cones that aremade in a single piece with multiple stiffening measures.