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Altia Systems demos real-time 180º stitching

PanaCast products deliver a natural-looking, immersive 180° video experience through real-time video stitching of an array of miniaturised cameras. Altia Systems has expanded its portfolio from PanaCast 2, the world’s first panoramic-4K plug-and-play USB camera, introduced last year, to now include PanaCast 2s and the PanaCast 3D VR Kit.

The PanaCast 3D VR Kit is the first system to deliver 180° 3D content with full 4K resolution in real time, with in-device panoramic video stitching. It makes user generated 3D videos possible for content creators with point-and-shoot simplicity. The fully stitched and synchronised content is available in real time, with a ‘what you see is what you get’ preview, to help creators see and adjust what they are creating or recording instantly, without having to wait for post production work to experience the content. It brings immersive 3D capability within reach of content creators interested in creating virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality experiences.

PanaCast 3D VR kit produces videos with live preview support and creators can share content directly via any broadcast app, such as Wirecast, Facebook Live or YouTube 360. The fully stitched 3D video can be uploaded immediately and viewed on head-mounted displays (HMD) like Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc, and viewed in real time on the Avegant Glyph and similar devices. On an HMD, the experience resembles what one would see on an immersive, cinematic screen.

It will be available in the first quarter 2017.

Stand: 13-E72