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All in the family

The new Arena Series’ two models, the 215 CX and the 212 CX, which are designed as a compliment to the Stadia Series, are on show at ISE 2018.

The 215 CX features a 15in LF transducer and a 15in mid-low driver incorporating a coaxial 3in diaphragm HF compression driver, mounted on Outline’s proprietary moulded waveguide.

The 212 CX uses the same acoustic design, but is fitted with 12in LF driver and 12in/3in coaxial transducer, providing a smaller and lighter option. Outline’s internal crossover designs allows both models to be driven by a single channel of amplification.

The STSUB-215 – the companion subwoofer for the Stadia Series – was also launched yesterday at the show. Both the Stadia and the Arena Series feature the same ‘OutSide’ three-layer elastoplastic weatherproofing system.

The final new member to join the Outline family is the Movie MV2CX loudspeaker, designed for smaller theatres. The MV2CX completes Outline’s Movie Series.

“We rushed to get it here,” said Leonardo Dani, deputy general manager of sales for Outline.

“We’ve had great results in terms of combination packages (with this series); we use our own DSP and amplifiers, so that brings the cost down in terms of a 200-300 seat cinema room.”

Dani added: “We can meet both consultants and system integrators at ISE, and we provide solutions that are unique in the market: cost-based solutions. That means more chances for system integrators to win tenders, more chances for consultants to use less speakers than before and this is why we wanted to be here with this newborn!”