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All-in-one press box bundle

Press conference audio specialist AudioPressBox has unveiled a portable active press box bundle, APB-1.32 CB, comprising a drive unit, four expanders and a heavy-duty, waterproof case.

The solution features one line input and 32 (4×8) line/mic outputs, with each output being independently transformer-balanced and isolated. The APB-D100 drive unit has two buffered expander outputs and can power up to 48 line/mic outputs. A total of four APB-008 SB-EX expanders are included in the package, although it is also possible to connect other expanders from the AudioPressBox range.

According to the company, one of the key advantages of this bundle is that it is possible to daisy-chain the portable expanders in two directions. Cable lengths of up to 500m are possible, enabling coverage of any type or shape of conference room.