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Alcons debuts modular column loudspeaker

Making its ISE debut is the QR24/110 modular two-way column loudspeaker from Alcons Audio. It is designed to be used as a scalable vertical array system, for both permanent and (limited) portable applications. The speaker combines a 1:1 linear and dynamic sound reproduction with what the company says is superb intelligibility and throw, in even the acoustically most challenging environments, claims the company.

The symmetrical acoustic design, in combination with the wide, patented 110° horizontal dispersion of the RBN high frequency drivers (up to 20kHz), is claimed to offer a coherent horizontal pattern control with seamless coverage. This widens the stereo sweet spot significantly, according to Alcons, for an off-axis positioned audience.

By using only two 12in RBN pro-ribbon transducers for the mid-high frequencies, the system’s 90% active frontal radiation results in what is claimed to be a sharply controlled vertical dispersion. This, says Alcons, offers a unique, SPL-independent intelligibility-over-distance, without the necessity of DSP-based beam-shaping.

Alcons also highlights the flat frequency response and the fast transient response of the RBN mid-high frequency transducers. The company says this, in combination with the sharply controlled dispersion, allows maximum gain before feedback (GBF) up to directly in front of or under the system.

Stand: 6-H150