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AI and the future workplace: preparing for Gen Z

Kallman discussed the importance of good ‘parenting’ when it comes to AI, and how it is set to influence the next generation of workers

At the Technology Trends talk in the ISE Influencer Lounge on day two of ISE 2022, futurist Amelia Kallman discussed some of the latest trends that are influencing the future of work and the workplace; including AI, data and the metaverse. 

“By the end of this decade, AI is going to overtake humans in how smart it is,” she explained. “Think about that: in eight years we’re no longer going to be the smartest thing on this planet – which is really frightening.”

Kallman discussed the importance of ensuring that AI had good parenting, from human beings – to ensure that it is the best that it can be and helps rather than hinders us, in the workplace and beyond.

“This technology is still in its infancy, and we are AI’s parents,” she said. “Right now, it’s a toddler – it’s learning how to walk – and it’s mimicking us; it learns from where we click, where we put our attention, the language that we use, who we interact with online, and the companies we interact with. 

“But this technology is growing up. And then it’s going to start making decisions on its own and become fully autonomous. 

“So we have a responsibility today to really make sure that where we put our clicks and our attention is towards a responsible future, and create the best possible scenario for this AI to learn from.”

Kallman believes that we’re going to reach a tipping point for XR in the enterprise space around 2026 or 2027, coinciding with Gen Z entering the workforce. These guys are already in the metaverse, she explained: they’ve been developing on these platforms and are used to these new economies and new interactions: “it’s normal for them. So we need to prepare for them coming into the workforce in the next couple of years.”