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NewTek: Add millions of Skype callers to live video production

A system to enable video producers to engage with millions of remote experts and guest commentators using live Skype video calls will make an appearance at ISE 2015.

NewTek TalkShow VS-100 is based on Skype TX professional software from Microsoft for initiating, receiving, monitoring and managing video calls, with a set of live production tools delivered by NewTek.

Distributor 3D Storm said the video calling production tool was designed specifically for studios and live video producers, with the 1RU system offering the ability to easily incorporate TalkShow into any live production or studio environment.

It also claimed that a producer of live video with TalkShow has the potential to reach 300 million monthly connected Skype users and incorporate them as guest speakers into live programmes with full-frame Skype video calls. The system offers the capability to manage all aspects of a live Skype video call in the control room like any other video source.

Users have access to customisable settings to fully colour-correct live video calls as well as SDI-embedded audio, and compressor/limiter, equalisation, and adjustable head-room controls for improving audio quality.

The integrated hardware and software offers dual-channel Ethernet connectivity, two channels (one in, one out) of HD-SDI I/O that includes reference signal, professional XLR audio support, Tally support and more.

Producers using TalkShow with NewTek’s TriCaster multi-camera video production systems will be able to route Skype video calls directly to and from a TriCaster over a network connection without tying up an additional HD-SDI input.