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ISE 2016: QSC highlights AcousticDesign

New AcousticDesign ceiling loudspeakers are being premiered in Hall 7, offering a variety of models to match the existing surface mount range.

Travis Nie, product manager for install loudspeakers, QSC, explained: “We’ve completely revamped the line with a 4in loudspeaker and a 4in low profile, as well as a 6in and a 6in low profile. The design objectives were to have a sonic match between the surface-mount solutions and the ceiling-mount solutions. That required us to bring some of the technology that was developed for the surface-mount systems over, including directivity match transmission (DMT) between the woofer and the HF device.”

This offers ceiling speakers that feature a waveguide for the tweeter with dispersions that match their counterparts among the surface range. Installers are able to get a much better timbre balance between the two products, as their dispersion patterns are similar.

“A 4in surface model has a 120° conical DMT, the same with the ceiling solution,” said Nie. “That gives the ability to interchange the products inside of an installation without having much timbre and colour differences between walking from a surface-mounted area into a ceiling-mounted area – the experience is going to be the same.”

Models ship complete with the company’s X-Mount system and weather input cover.

“These are very robust products with IR ratings,” said Nie. “They will be very popular in retail spaces and commercial applications, as very high performing products designed to be used indoors and outdoors.”

Stand: 7-Q170