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A raft of introductions from Community Professional

Community Professional Loudspeakers will introduce no fewer that thirteen new weather-resistant loudspeakers at ISE 2014. The WET Series offers features such as marine-grade plywood as internal lining and innovative drivers for both indoor and outdoor use.

Thirteen new weather-resistant models will be introduced as part of the WET Series from Community Professional Loudspeakers at this year’s ISE show.

The hand-laid fibreglass enclosures of the WET X speakers are internally lined with marine-grade plywood and use innovative drivers to provide premium sound quality for both outdoor and indoor venues. The 12in and 15in, two-way, full-range WET X loudspeakers offer six rotatable horn patterns, and high output and LF extension. WET X enclosures feature a modified trapezoidal silhouette that is said to improve upon the curved shape of its WET II enclosures. This brings more traditional look and feel to the loudspeakers while still providing the same outdoor direct exposure resistance and streamlined shape to reduce wind load.

The speakers contain a large diaphragm 1.4-inch exit high frequency compression driver and can produce the same output levels as the largest WET II loudspeakers, but in enclosures that are half the size. The low frequency cone and internal circuitry feature Community’s Envirotech coating for improved weather-resistance. The WX218SDF, a downfire dual 18-inch model, adds an ultra-high-performance subwoofer to the line.

Internally, the flat surfaces are fully lined with 18mm (7-layer) marine-grade plywood, all resin-sealed to reinforce the enclosure’s weather resistance. The handcrafted outer shell is multi-layer fibreglass with a smooth glossy finish and is available in black or white, as well as optional custom paint colours. All models include a dual-layer powder-coated stainless steel mounting bracket.

Stand: 7-K185