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A green AV initiative contributing to sustainability 

According to ISE 2022 platinum sponsor Lang AG, sustainability is a pressing issue in today’s world and “an awareness must also follow in the AV industry”. Lang states that it will contribute to sustainable practice in the audiovisual market through its Green AV Initiative.

In order to answer the question of how the AV industry can act more sustainably, Lang says that it will contribute to identifying which products and technologies are needed to achieve this by carrying out a comprehensive assessment of the complete value chain. In addition to products and technologies, Lang is also reviewing its manufacturing, supply chains and operations.

“In order to be able to make appropriate comparisons, industry-wide standards are a necessity,” said a company statement. “For example, if products are to be evaluated in terms of their efficiency, it must be ensured that brightness and power consumption metrics are evaluated on a like for like basis.”

One example of a comparison of products will be available on the Lang AG booth at ISE next month, where LED products with similar pixel pitch but differing technologies will be compared. In this way, says the company, more efficient product designs can be identified; one of which is ‘flip chip’. Here, the LED chips’ electrical contacts are placed on the underside of the device to reduce light loss that was previously caused by top mounted contacts. Flip chip is used in VENUS, one of two new 1.x rental products in Lang’s portfolio.