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4K presentation system offers upscale performance

The new Crestron 3-Series 4K DigitalMedia Presentation System (DMPS3-4K-150-C) combines Crestron’s DigitalMedia technology with a built-in IP-based 3-Series Control System, 10×1 4K multimedia switcher, mic mixer, and audio DSP.

Its built-in 4K scaler can transmit any resolution source to any resolution display, and Crestron claims it “provides everything needed to deliver the highest-performing presentation experience possible.”

The all-new DMPS is well suited to classrooms, small and medium conference rooms, and huddle spaces.

As it’s built on Crestron’s .AV Framework, integrators simply need to connect their cables, specify the sources and displays, and the system is running without custom programming.

Integrators can create an instant switching system by connecting up to four Crestron Connect It (TT-100) cable caddies, so that sources such as a laptop work as soon as the USB cables are connected. Users then just simply tap the Show Me button to display their content. A TT-100 caddy is included with each of the DMPS3-4K-150-C units supplied.