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4K LED screen with smallest pixel pitch from SiliconCore

The new Lavender 1.2mm pixel pitch screen is claimed to be the smallest LED to ever be developed, which opens up LED to new markets such as close proximity. The 4K also offers several advantages due to SiliconCore’s Common Cathode design, such as low TCO, extended lifespan and enhanced viewing angle. Also new is the Magnolia 1.5mm LED screen and SiliconCore’s anti moiré filter overlay.

Besides the Lavender 1.2mm 4K screen, a second Lavender system is being shown with interactive touchscreen capabilities and an anti-moiré filter, which visitors can test using a broadcast camera to view the screen from all angles.

“Our innovative anti-moiré filter makes LED accessible to the broadcasting industry, providing broadcast studios with new levels of freedom and creativity. Our Lavender 1.2mm is currently the highest resolution LED display ever manufactured and opening up new possibilities for close proximity LED solutions,” said Eric Li, SiliconCore President and CEO.

The company’s Common Cathode Technology replaces the traditional Common Anode approach, and is much more efficient at generating a given brightness for a given amount of power, ensuring that less power is wasted as heat, reducing power consumption and increasing the lifespan of the display, resulting in improved total cost of ownership.