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4EVAC Compact 500 – a clear voice in a crisis

Voice evacuation specialist 4EVAC is showcasing its Compact 500 voice evacuation system alongside its LoopDrive fault isolator module (FIM), and giving a preview glimpse of its new Impact system.

4EVAC claims to de-mystify VACIE (voice alarm control and indicating equipment) with the Compact 500 and its new Impact solution. Its compact footprint and modular design offer seamless integration to create a ‘system in a box’. The company says this provides all the benefits of a standalone system, combining global network topology to offer an infinitely configurable modular solution.

The LoopDrive FIM integrates 4EVAC’s patented technology to deliver increased availability and reliability of evacuation loudspeaker lines installed using the return loop principle.

Detecting and isolating a loudspeaker failure in a faulty section of the loop in between any two FIMs ensures maximum performance of the remaining loudspeakers on that same loop.

Albert Van Der Hout, business development director at 4EVAC said: “ISE is a vital showcase for us at a point when both the Compact 500 and LoopDrive are exceeding expectations across mainland Europe. 4EVAC offers simple, modular designs that are flexible, fully compliant and easy to install and operate.”

Stand: 7-V185