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3D holograms spin up Digital Signage 2.0

HyperVsn SmartV is the beginning of Digital Signage 2.0, according to company CEO and founder Kiryl Chykeyuk. “We live in a 3D world, and we need to see digital content in 3D – it will be more emotionally engaging. We’re convinced 3D will be the future of digital content, especially digital signage.”

HyperVsn has already deployed 20,000 holograms, but SmartV is higher resolution and more sophisticated. It can not only run in holographic mode but also display standard live streaming 2D, which makes it suitable for other uses, such as video conferencing (the company is working on 3D video conferencing). The system includes HDMI and Ethernet, and is brighter, for use outdoors.

Viewers don’t require headgear, making it visible to even the most casual passers-by, while the system uses spinning LED blades, so viewers will hardly discern them thanks to persistence of vision.

HyperVsn is also debuting a SmartV Holographic Human with interactive digital avatar content and a 3D Modeller here at ISE, and Chykeyuk is looking to partner with systems integrators at the show.