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Pro AV Power 20 rankings: position 2

Second place on the inaugural Power 20 list goes to Shure CEO, Christine Schyvinck

Installation is delighted to announce that the person in position number 2 in our Pro AV Power 20 rankings is:

Christine Schyvinck, CEO, Shure

Christine Schyvinck is chair, president, and chief executive officer at Shure Incorporated. As the highest-ranking officer at the company, she is one of only a few women to hold an executive position in the pro audio and AV industries.

During her tenure, Schyvinck has led critical initiatives including reducing  material costs without sacrificing product quality, dramatically improving on-time delivery, and globalising manufacturing operations. She joined Shure in 1989 as a quality control engineer. After several promotions, she moved into process engineering, becoming manager in 1997. In 1998, she was made vice president of corporate quality.

Two years later, Schyvinck was named vice president of operations, responsible for corporate quality, procurement, supply chain, and the company’s manufacturing facilities in Mexico and China. She was promoted to executive vice president in 2004 and directed the opening of Shure’s first manufacturing facility in China a year later.

In 2006, Schyvinck was tapped to head the global marketing and sales division, assuming management of the company’s business units in the Americas, Europe, Middle East/Africa, and Asia/Pacific regions as well as the strategic integration, marketing, sales, artist and public relations, technical support, and customer service functions. Sales increased by more than 78 per cent during her ten-year period as executive vice president of GMS.

In 2015, she was designated chief operating officer, and, in 2016, was appointed Shure president and CEO, becoming only the fourth such officer in company history. Schyvinck leads the company’s global divisions: administration, corporate finance, corporate and government relations, global facilities, global legal services, global marketing and sales, human resources, information technology, operations, product development, and quality.

Quickfire Q&A

Who’s had the greatest influence on your career? 
I had two mentors that helped to shape my career: one was a professor in my undergrad programme who encouraged me to get into the field of ‘quality’. The second was an executive in the quality field who helped me find a suitable grad programme when I wanted to break into management.

Who did/do you look up to as a role model professionally?
Yet another mentor I had was Mrs Shure. When her husband and company founder (S.N. Shure) passed away, she was in her 70s and had many options in front of her. The one she chose had her at the helm of the company for over two decades. I greatly admired her determination to keep the company healthy and growing, while at the same time leading with compassion. She knew how to strike that balance and I try to carry that forward today.

How do you measure success?
In one word: trust. This is the ultimate goal in my personal and professional relationships. If people can trust your word, trust what you’re selling, and trust that you’ll do the right thing, success will quickly follow.

What’s your biggest professional regret?  
I honestly don’t have one. The only curiosity I sometimes play out in my mind is wondering where I’d be today if I’d stuck with my original plan to become a pilot when I entered college.

If you were a teenager today, what profession would you go into?
I’d pursue a technical path – either in engineering like I did 35 years ago, or in more of a computer science field. I like puzzles, brainteasers, etc, so the elements of coding were always fun to me. A profession in technology can take you down a million different paths.


The Power 20 celebrates the most influential individuals in our marketplace who are demonstrating leadership in areas such as innovation, market influence, commercial/business performance, contribution to good causes, education, professional development, diversity and inclusion, and general industry betterment.

Everyone at Installation and Future would like to congratulate all those nominated for this prestigious list, and for all those involved in helping to identify and recognise this marvelous roll call of influential industry leaders.