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Christie unleashes “next evolution” of MicroTiles LED at ISE 2019

The smaller, brighter, more powerful, and more flexible Christie MicroTiles LED makes its global debut at ISE 2019 this week in Amsterdam

Almost a decade on from the launch of Christie’s MicroTiles digital display system, the manufacturer has today announced the launch of its new and improved, Christie MicroTiles LED.

Delivering P3 colour space, fully compliant HDR-10 and patented software that keeps the wall calibrated at 97 per cent or greater uniformity, Christie MicroTiles LED are suitable for broadcast sets, corporation venues, museums, retail, stadiums, arenas, and higher education. It includes a low profile ADA-compliant QuickMount system so displays can be created in any shape and size, including 90-degree inside/outside corners and both concave and convex curves.

“Christie has been very successful with the MicroTiles brand – end customers and our integrators love it because it makes for an easy creative solution. With that in mind, Christie took everything great about MicroTiles and brought it to narrow pixel pitch LED,” said Ted Romanowitz, senior product manager, Christie.

“The international markets for narrow pixel pitch indoor LED has experienced remarkable growth at nearly 60 per cent year over year,” added Chris McIntyre-Brown, Associate Director, Professional Equipment and Displays at FutureSource Consulting. “We’re beginning to see the market evolve from mechanical design to focus more heavily on signal processing and the introduction of advanced capabilities such as AV over IP. We will see premier AV manufacturers bring products to market which address real customer challenges, which will, in turn, spur broader adoption of narrow pixel pitch LED technology in international markets.”

“In developing MicroTiles LED, Christie wanted to do something few, if any, have done − and we did. It puts Christie in a space where few can compete,” continued Romanowitz. “The visuals are a lot more stunning on MicroTiles LED – and all in a cabinet-free tile with a depth the size of a tablet computer. There is no better technology than narrow pixel pitch LED because it’s about delivering amazing optical performance and stunning visuals that are jaw-dropping.”

Capabilities including 12-bit 4K at 120Hz input sources with HDR10 compliance, integrated image processing, and scaling and simple switching, all of which combine to deliver “unmatched” image performance.

Faster setup

The Christie MicroTiles LED proprietary QuickMount system eliminates alignment challenges typically associated with installing LED by using precisely-machined mounting sheets and wall anchors that can be easily installed onto nearly any surface. Once the laser cut sheet is mounted, the small size and light weight of the cabinet-free tiles reduces installation complexity while saving space and increasing flexibility. A single PoE Cat6 Ethernet cable is all that is required to connect each module to the entire display for a clean and simple cabling solution, dramatically reducing points of failure of typical LED cabinet design. With the click-n-go magnetic tiles, populating the display with LED tiles is incredibly fast.

“It takes approximately half the time to build a MicroTiles LED wall of any size compared to a typical, same-sized LED wall,” said Romanowitz. “Each tile and module is very small and light weight so once mount planarity is established, then you simply install the tiles and module boards magnetically with minimal adjustment. Thanks to proprietary factory calibration, you can put any module board anywhere on the wall; they are completely interchangeable, which makes it so easy. Each tile has sensors so it’s frequently analysing and adjusting itself to optimize both brightness and colour performance.”

Hot-swappable, front serviceable tiles give technicians complete access to all parts while indicator lights give technicians at-a-glance status confirmation. For added convenience, the remote power and control system allows components to be installed in convenient, accessible locations away from the video wall, removing heat, noise and complexity.

It uses an easy-to-use web-based control interface, which can be accessed from any connected device such as a laptop, tablet or mobile device. MicroTiles LED’s web user interface gives users complete command of display setup, control and management. And by adding Christie or third-party processing, media servers or content management solutions, customers benefit from a completely optimized workflow.

“MicroTiles LED is also the first display technology with Christie Terra SDVoE integrated directly into the product,” Romanowitz said. “Combine that benefit with both Christie Pandoras Box and Christie Spyder and you have a complete solution that makes it simple and easy for our integrators and partners do amazing things they previously could only imagine.”

Debuting at ISE 2019, Christie MicroTiles LED comes with a three-year parts and labour warranty, which is extendable to five years, and ships in late spring 2019.