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AV Technology Awards: 2018 Install Award winners Antycip Simulation

For extra inspiration for everyone still finalising entries for this year's AV Technology Awards, we talk to previous Install Award winners Antycip Simulation

Picture: ©SCV-IrDIVE and ©Plaine_Image

At last year’s Install Awards, Antycip Simulation won the Education Project of the Year for The Open Reality Experience. Frank Reynolds, European marketing manager at Antycip, reveals what it meant to win and what made the company’s project stand out.

How pleased were you to get recognition for The Open Reality Experience project?
Extremely pleased. The award is both a recognition of Antycip Simulation’s capabilities and a recognition within our peer group of those capabilities. It has also helped bring Antycip into the limelight, as in the past we kept somewhat quiet about our work, as we humbly thought interest from the industry would be rather limited.

What elements of the project do you think were most impressive?
I believe the project impressed with the technical challenges that it overcame, its unique, first of a kind nature due to its scale and shape in particular, and what the value and opportunities it brings to the University of Lille when TORE is being used.

How important was the collaboration with the other parts of the supply chain and the end user team?
Collaboration was core and paramount to the success of the project – Antycip worked closely with the end user team to define and agree what was required, how it could be produced, and then communicating with them and validating at every step of the project to keep that shared understanding and mutual goal.

Similarly, we worked with all members of our supply chain to make sure that the project was both technically achievable (given the new solutions that had to be invented to meet the challenges posed) and within the projects time and funding parameters.

How often does a project of this kind come around?
TORE, in its design and scale, was a unique project that pulled on all of Antycip’s 20+ years of experience in the field. However, at the level just below TORE, that of bespoke and forward thinking professional grade immersive rooms, Antycip works on three to four projects a year, across the globe. For example at the moment Antycip is working on projects in the UK, France, Japan and the USA.


Entries for the AV Technology Awards close on 25th March at 5pm. To enter go to: