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Three ways digital signage improves corporate communications

More and more, digital signage is being used in corporate settings to deliver timely, impactful communications that engage and inform staff, visitors and customers, explains Exterity.  Exterity has created a free interactive guide that explores the many ways in which an enterprise can use digital signage, and highlighted three key benefits:

1. Increase employee engagement

The benefits of increasing employee engagement are widely acknowledged; higher productivity, collaboration and loyalty, as well as the creation of a sense of harmony and community. Strategic placement of signage screens, such as in the cafeteria, office areas, reception and warehouse, can help ensure communications reach the right employees at the right time. Digital signage can be used to:

  • Update employees with company news, KPIs, events or HR info 
  • Recognise employee contributions and achievements
  • Display menus in the cafeteria
  • Show live news, local weather or traffic updates
  • Communicate emergency alerts or safety briefings

 Create a welcoming reception 

The reception area is the first thing visitors see, and it immediately impacts their impression of a business. Digital signage can transform a company reception into an inviting, welcoming space by reinforcing the brand and enhancing the visitor experience. Digital signage in reception areas can:

  • Reinforce corporate branding and create a positive first impression
  • Display personalised visitor welcome messages
  • Showcase customer references 
  • Display useful information such as guest Wi-Fi, wayfinding, weather and travel
  • Communicate emergency messaging

3. Enhance the customer experience

Digital signage is increasingly common in the corporate and finance sector as part of an integrated customer communications strategy. Businesses can target customers with tailored and up-to-the minute information about their products and services at HQ or branch office. Signage in customer-facing areas enables businesses to:

  • Display eye-catching advertisements at point of sale
  • Increase sales by showcasing products and services
  • Promote upcoming events or activities
  • Integrate social media campaigns

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