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MXL introduces AC-360-Z web conferencing microphone

MXL Microphones is introducing its new USB-powered table-top web conferencing microphone, the MXL AC-360-Z, which has been co-developed with engineers from Zoom to enhance the microphone solution for Zoom Rooms and Zoom-enabled conference rooms.

The AC-360-Z expands upon the AC-404 three capsule boundary microphone, through its 180-degree sound arc, with a full 360-degree pickup. When placed at the centre of a large conference table, everyone speaking around the AC-360-Z will be clearly audible, according to MXL.

The AC-360-Z is compatible with any Mac or PC device through simple plug-and-play connectivity without needing to download any drivers. When used with Zoom, each quadrant of the AC-360-Z acts as an independent device for optimal performance and fidelity. Link up to three devices together to cover any room, small or large, and each microphone ships with a complete installation kit including cables and mounting options.

“The AC-360-Z is changing the Zoom Room and group conferencing experience because of its speech clarity and full 360-degree pickup range,” said Scott Krueckeberg, director of MXL Microphones. “We’ve designed an elegant solution for providing maximum coverage with minimal hardware. We’re excited to be working so closely with Zoom to enhance the complete customer experience.”