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Collabtech Group announces Collabtech Studios

New division focused on creating and delivering digital content

Collabtech Group has launched Collabtech Studios, a new division focused on creating and delivering digital content covering all aspects of the digital workflow – including live, recorded and on demand content – to help people work better together.

Collabtech Studios will work closely with global partners to bring their platforms to life by constructing digital campaigns for market enablement, educating the channel about new features and creating end user training and adoption programs to ensure they are getting the best from their systems.

Content will be created in Collabtech’s established studios around the world, delivered by its collaboration and market specialists in multiple languages where required, and assembled by the new Studio’s team of producers.

“Over the last five years, we have created content for clients including training programs and new product launches, using our unique combination of collaboration specialisation and creation skills,” explained Jon Sidwick, Collabtech president.

“Now, due to the increased adoption and acceleration of digital communications brought about by the pandemic, we have launched our fully focussed division. We have invested in staff, production equipment and built more studios to enable the creation and delivery of global programs ranging from end-to-end market activation to training.”