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Zytronic touch sensors help power smart city initiatives

Zytronic has supplied smartLINK custom multitouch sensors powering a network of interactive kiosks located in five cities across the US.

smartLINK designed its new GEN3 SmartKiosk as an easy-to-deploy platform for municipalities, communities and mixed-use developments seeking to power smart city initiatives through interactive engagement, messaging, security and intelligence-gathering.

The SmartKiosk is the most rugged, intelligent, interactive, smart city platform currently available, claims smartLINK. Environmental sensors scan factors such as particulate matter, gasses, barometric pressure and temperature. 3D Wayfinding enables users to receive detailed geocached mapping data directly to personal devices. Video sensors gather data to analyse foot traffic, count auto traffic, measure traffic flow, identify and recommend alternate transportation options and solutions. Arrival and departure information for public transportation provides real-time status to users planning their daily needs. Ultrasonic sensors use sonar technology to run analytics and analyse background sound data. 

In addition, LiDAR technology is used to perform 360° laser scans to create detailed maps of everything within a 300ft radius of the kiosks. The net result is to provide municipalities, communities, entertainment venues and mixed-use developments with the ability to activate, connect and communicate with citizens and visitors inclusively.

Central to the SmartKiosk functionality are Zytronic’s multitouch sensors, which smartLINK integrate into a 2,500nit LED LCD. Displays this bright present engineering challenges regarding EMI and touch recognition. Zytronic’s controller firmware enable low-latency touch interaction. 

The smartLINK GEN3 SmartKiosk ­ currently deployed in 55in and 75in configurations in Newport, KY, Lawrenceburg, IN, Sunny Isles Beach, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL and the City of South Miami, FL ­enable people to learn about the surrounding area, play educational games, take selfies and even contact the police in emergency situations.

“Engaging with the public in any smart city deployment requires kiosks to be predictive, fun and functional and above all, reliable in all weather conditions,” said Steve Price, president and CEO of Priconics, the company working with the smartLINK management, engineering and manufacturing teams to source critical display and sensor components within the new GEN3 SmartKiosk. “Zytronic sensors serve as the gateway to this interactive experience, enabling citizens and tourists to intuitively navigate a wealth of content and delivering meaningful interaction with the smartLINK SmartKiosk.”