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Zeta adds new Harman Pro system

The main dancefloor sound has been built around six flown JBL Control 29 AVs and a ground-stacked JBL AL6125 2 x 15 sub, powered by Crown XTi4000, XTi2000 and XTi1000 amplifiers. Further Control 29AVs have been sited in the bar area, retrofitted into the existing sound system, with Crown amplification again providing power. SDG has reused existing JBL Control 28s for the VIP Lounge, adding low frequency extension, and has also overhauled the current JBL Control 25s in the main reception area. To power this, they have reassigned the existing Crown XLS 402 and XS500 amplifiers.

SDG has also provided the DJ booth with industry-standard playback devices and put a total of three zones, including the VIP Bar, under BSS Soundweb DSP network control.

“In order to keep costs to a premium we stripped out, serviced and overhauled all the equipment before we began,” said SDG’s managing director, David Graham. “We then retrofitted new JBL loudspeakers into the existing system to provide an environment that a bar with Zeta’s pedigree deserves. We are delighted to have extended our close relationship with [nightclub developers] Piers (Adam) and Nick (House), after working with them so successfully at Mahiki.”