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Yamaha Installation Series speakers for top Swedish nightclub

“I proposed to Tomas [Nylen at Yamaha Scandinavia] that perhaps we could turn Bers_ into a showcase for Yamaha,” recalled Eriksson. “We could do this if he could give me a complete deal for all the equipment. Tomas agreed, which was very good news for the installation.”

The specification includes four Installation Series IF2208 mid-high speakers and two IS1215 subs in the venue’s main disco area, complemented by four S55 mid-highs and an SW115V sub for the adjacent bar. Power comes from XP7000 amplifiers, with control courtesy of an SP2060 digital processor.

The outdoor serving area features two C115VA full-range speakers and an SW115V sub, again powered by XP7000 amplifiers.

Six months on from the installation, Eriksson reports that the owners are entirely satisfied with the new system. “[They] are very excited about the sound system and have heard from several people that it is considered to be one of the best-sounding systems in G_teborg,” he commented. “Indeed, if you look at how little it cost, it is probably the best.

“It is not a low-price system by any means, but compared to other things I have installed it is ridiculously good value. I have spoken to many DJs that are so impressed by it and, apart from some inevitable adjustments that had to be done in the first few weeks, it has worked perfectly.”