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Yamaha digital mixing engine and console at new Baltic island congress complex

The DME and M7CL interface via AES/EBU control cards, enabling the audio system to accommodate events ranging from small conferences to major live music performances. Three options have been incorporated into the system, which was installed by Primetec in conjunction with local installer PA-Kompaniet.

According to Primetec’s David Berggren, the M7CL was chosen partly because of its ability to integrate seamlessly with the DME64N, and also because “it is very straightforward for any engineer to learn. [_] Even though we realise that major acts would come with their own rigs, having the M7 means that live bands can use the in-house rig and not have to compromise on their sound,” noted Berggren.

A second DME system is also under consideration. “The fire alarm system features 100V loudspeakers in several zones throughout the complex,” noted Berggren. “We have installed a temporary system which also allows those speakers to be used for background music and voice announcements. However, that system currently only allows all the speakers to receive the same signal at once. We have recommended installing a further DME so the speakers can be fully zoned, with a different content able to be played over loudspeakers in different areas of the building.”