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Xinjiang International Expo Centre chooses QSC audio control

The new Q-Sys system provides all the audio control necessary for audio networks, PAs and conferencing systems at the Xinjiang International Expo Centre - which last year held the China-Eurasia Expo.

The QSC Q-Sys integrated System Platform has been chosen as the backbone of the professional audio systems at the Xinjiang International Expo Centre, the main regional conference and exhibition centre in north-west China. 
 As Xinjiang is often regarded as a bridge from China to the rest of Asia and Europe, the 45,000sqm conference centre was designed with nationally important functions in mind – such as trade fairs, exhibitions and economic forums. 
 Last year the Xinjiang International Expo Centre hosted the China-Eurasia Expo, which was attended by the United Nations with the intention of boosting the regional economic co-operation among Central, West and South Asian and European countries. 
 As with any other convention centre used for international economic summits, the audio networks, PAs and conferencing systems at the Conference Centre had to be easy to use, reliable and flexible, with ample redundancy. PCI, distributors of Q-Sys in China, recommended Q-Sys for the audio system upgrade.
 The QSC audio systems were installed in over 20 conference rooms at the centre. The conference centre technology comprisese two Core 1000 Q-Sys processors, together with multiple QSC PowerLight 3 amplifiers and speakers from the QSC WideLine, ILA, AcousticDesign and K Series, 
 A single Q-Sys Core 1000 unit (with a second unit for redundancy) now manages all of the audio signals from the complex’s central control room, monitoring the operational state of all the system’s I/O Frame units, loudspeakers and PowerLight 3 amplifiers, and controlling the system-wide signal processing and routing. 
 The largest room in the centre is a 1,500-seater auditorium. This incorporates its own dedicated Q-Sys I/O Frame, PowerLight 3 amps, AD-S282H AcousticDesign speakers, together with AD-C2100 ceiling speakers arranged in six zones. Furthermore the chamber can be divided up to six ways if required. 
 Another 800-seater conference hall uses QSC products extensively. This is dedicated to press conferences during the Forum. It features a Q-Sys I/O Frame, PowerLight 3 amplification, and 12 WideLine-8 units, as well as AD-S282H speakers.
 The system was completed and made operational in time for the aforementioned first China-Eurasia Economic Development & Cooperation Forum, held in the Xinjiang capital Ürümqi last Autumn.
 The smaller chambers, such as one of the 400-seater lecture hall, which was used by the United Nations during the Chine-Eurasia Economic Development & Cooperation Forum, features a dedicated Q-Sys I/O Frame, with eight ceiling-suspended QSC ILA speakers driven by PowerLight 3s, and supplemented with AcousticDesign speakers around the chamber.

For the most select meetings between officials, such as those held during the forum by Keqiang Li, Vice-Premier of the State Council of China, a 150-seater conference room was used, employing QSC AD-C821R ceiling-mouted and AD-S282H ceiling-suspended speakers, together with K Series Active loudspeakers.
 Following the Expo, the Exhibition Centre’s management commented: “The Q-Sys platform was so powerful and easy to use, it allowed us to simply focus on the running of the conference itself. It proved itself absolutely ideal for this kind of project.”