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Xantech provides control in US fire station

Firefighters at Plainfield Fire Territory #123 and training facility now have access to a state-of-the-art, Xantech-controlled AV system, which has enhanced training, fitness and recreation at the facility.

Plainfield Fire Territory #123 and training facility, located in the state of Indiana, USA, has recently upgraded its AV equipment to a Xantech-controlled system, featuring the company’s CSPLCD64G touchpanel and WIC Web Intelligent Controller. Greenwood-based integrators Circle City Audio was chosen to install the new solution at the fire station. A total of eight LG plasma monitors along with seven zones of audio (four 70v zones managed by Biamp Nexia) produce sound and video around training room, engine bay, kitchen and patio in the facility. Elsewhere, two Onkyo surround sound systems have been incorporated into the living areas, while a Sony AV receiver is fitted in the fitness room. Meanwhile the recreational and training areas now include a Sony EVI-D70 camera, a BenQ MX764 projector and a Samsung SDP-860 document camera with content recording and streaming via an NCast PR720R. Network control of the RS232-based displays is via ten Xantech IPRS232 XtraLink IP units. A SMAUD01 and CBCSM1 combo works as a ducking sensor to the building alarm. When a call comes in, any sound emitting from the television or speakers is automatically muted and the site-wide DVD player pauses then restarts when the announcement is finished. Circle City Audio also added an LV control to an existing Draper motorized projection screen and wired it to the WIC1200. The system even supports radio station changes via a Biamp RED-1 wall control by the Engine Bay “These guys put their lives on the line everyday, so they don’t have time to learn how to use a complicated system,” said Andrew Van Veld of Circle City Audio. “With the WIC1200 controller, which connects to the touchpanel via the Xantech RS422232, they can control everything from the TVs in the training room to speakers on the outside patio with little effort.”