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Wyndham Cultural Centre upgrades to Tannoy VX series

With a major upgrade now complete, the community of users at Wyndham Cultural Centre are already feeling the benefits of a brand new Tannoy sound system for the Centre’s auditorium performance space, based around the popular VX Series.

Wyndham Cultural Centre, Victoria, Australia has installed a new sound system based on Tannoy’s VX series in its auditorium as part of continuing upgrades to the facility.

The cultural centre’s building comprises six spaces, including Tattersall’s Theatre, two exhibition galleries, the CBD library, Visitor Information Centre and café. Since its opening in 2002, the facility has encountered numerous problems due to erroneous construction work – especially that of unconventional electric supplies.

With a history of solving cabling issues post-construction work for the centre, Victoria-based AV outfit MultiTek Solutions was enlisted for an upgrade of the sound system in the auditorium.

“As a regional arts centre they host the full gamut of shows, from the professional touring theatre company to the high school musical and Callisthenics production, along with the all important end of year dance school extravaganzas. They get it all. So the system has to cater for all of them and their specific requirements,” commented Gavin Hume, Director of MultiTek Solutions.

Any solution would therefore be required to improve the overall coverage of the system throughout the venue, with specific attention paid to the front rows and extreme rear.

“We also had to tidy up the sight lines and mount the subwoofers out of the way. As well as that, they wanted to increase the headroom of the system and provide some image steering for musicals,” added Hume.

MultiTek Solutions installed a system based on four Tannoy VX 12 HP passive loudspeakers – two of which were mounted either side of the auditorium’s stage arch while the other pair was installed from the lighting bridge for delay. In addition, a single Tannoy VX 12Q 400W passive loudspeaker was mounted in the centre above the stage to help fill in the front row and also provide some image steering for musicals. Elsewhere, a further four VX 5.2 loudspeakers were employed across the front lip of the stage for those occasions when there is an orchestra in the pit. These were attached using custom mounts to facilitate easy removal when not required. The VSX 18DR subwoofers, meanwhile, were flown above the proscenium walls to give a more aesthetically pleasing look to the stage overall.

The amp racks were also rebuilt using Powersoft amplification, as well as using multiple BSS London’s for full DSP processing. “This provides the users with the flexibility of being able to address the system in different ways depending on the event,” said Hume. “They are able to send just L & R to the system right up to being able to send multiple outputs from their console to each element of the system if required.”