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Wireless presentation: eight leading screen sharing options

There’s no shortage of tools for wireless presentation these days – but their capabilities can be subtly different, writes Ian McMurray.

Barco ClickShare CSE800 has enterprise users in mind

Designed for meeting room users, Barco’s ClickShare CSE-800 – which is part of Barco’s broad ClickShare portfolio – enables four participants to share their content in HD quality on a 4K screen. Alternatively, with two screens, up to eight users can share. Up to 64 users can be connected at any one time. Touchscreens are supported, enabling the annotation of content, with changes able to be saved. ‘Blackboarding’ is also possible.

ClickShare works through a USB-powered Button that shares users’ devices with the main meeting room screen. Installation is said to be quick and easy, with no software to download or install, no training required and no cable clutter. The technology is compatible with any USB-capable device – either through the Button or the ClickShare app, GoogleCast or AirPlay.

A user can be enabled as a moderator, if desired, and manually select which content appears on-screen and when to ensure the optimum participant experience.

Security features for ClickShare have enterprise users in mind, and include end-to-end encryption; login management; configurable three-layer security; secure access to the web configurator; an option to hide the base unit’s wireless network SSID; and dual network connection for separate corporate and guest incorporation. ClickShare Management allows the installed base to be configured and managed.

Crestron AirMedia is tightly integrated

Up to 32 people can connect to AirMedia at the same time in the same room. In quad view mode, up to four presenters’ content can be displayed simultaneously.

For large meeting spaces where the display can be difficult to see, Remote View enables up to 40 participants either at the back of the room or in other locations to log in from a web browser to view the presentation on their mobile devices.

AirMedia introduces no new wireless networks: it uses existing LAN and leverages standard network security protocols.

Black Box Coalesce supports multiple connection modes

Combining screen mirroring, videoconferencing and wireless display, Black Box’s Coalesce Wireless Presentation System will support multiple users from any device. It can be configured as a WiFi hotspot using its built-in wireless access point.

Designed to offer a rich feature set at a low cost and compatible with any HDMI-capable display, its compact form factor is designed to make it easy to deploy behind flat panel displays or above projectors. Content from multiple users can be resized and placed on the display, and touch interaction is also supported on appropriately-enabled screens.

Participants do not need to install drivers on their laptops, nor do they need dongles, as users can access Coalesce via a browser extension in addition to the available desktop client. For mobile devices, there is a free Android or iOS app available.

Coalesce includes support for H.263, H.264, H.265/HEVC .mp4, .mov, and .3gp.

Remote users are supported through the ‘web look in’ feature, enabling them to see the shared display. Sensitive information can optionally be protected via AES 128-bit encryption for network traffic between Coalesce and user devices.

Kramer VIA GO is plug-and-present

Kramer’s VIA product line includes several wireless presentation offerings, including VIAware software for Windows 10 PCs and VIA Site Management that lets IT administrators view and manage all VIA devices within the same network.

VIA GO is the company’s plug-and-present solution. With a built-in WiFi access point, together with wired Gigabit LAN, it can turn any existing projector or display into a BYOD wireless−enabled device. It can be attached to the internal network like other standard devices, or create its own WiFi network. Other connectivity includes four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI, DisplayPort and a 3.5mm mini-jack.

Clevershare now available on range of screens

Clevertouch has now launched Clevershare to its Pro Series interactive touchscreens, which are available in 55in, 65in, 70in, 75in, 86in screen sizes and feature up to 20 points of gesture touch and writing capability. The Clevershare USB device allows control of the screen from, for example, a laptop, and enables bidirectional screen mirroring and touch with any device, even those that aren’t normally touch-enabled.

The Clevertouch Pro, which can be deployed independently of the network, includes support for iOS, Android, Windows or Mac devices to share and annotate content on the main screen. Because it is integrated with the cloud, has embedded Android and features a dual slot that houses a Windows 10 PC, users can browse the internet, stream media and email notes to attendees mid-session.

Polycom Pano provides secure sharing

The Polycom Pano allows any application that can be shared from mobile devices, PCs, tablets and so on to be annotated and then saved. A touch panel can be configured with Pano, delivering an expanded set of capabilities with annotation and interactive whiteboarding.

Four streams of simultaneous content can be shared side by side, from any device, without the need for cables or dongles. Users connect Polycom Pano to a Polycom Group Series or similar VC device that supports content sharing; remote users can see content shared by participants using the Pano.

Web access during a sharing session is possible through conference applications where content sharing is supported.

Pano makes broad provision for security. It is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, ensuring that user data integrity is similar to secure online banking with Token Layer Security (TLS) and Strong Cipher Suite support.

Built-in safeguards limit sharing to the target monitor to protect content once a meeting is concluded, while encrypted media streams ensure data protection from malicious attacks. There is also a revolving PIN that starts every session with a secure connection, removing the chance of accidental content showing in the room. Devices and client software are certified through industry-standard cryptographic signatures.

Vivitek NovoConnect is for corporates, SMEs, education

Vivitek’s NovoConnect solutions are available as the NovoEnterprise for corporate users (pictured) as well as the NovoPRO for SMEs and an education version. All versions support up to 64 users in client mode (eight participants in hotspot mode). With four able to share the screen concurrently, it enables participants to share, annotate and save Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, common image formats and video clips. Remote users are supported too, and can share their screen if they are on the same network.

Internet and cloud-based services are supported, and data is AES-128 encrypted when users set the device to corporate mode. Dual network management is also available, while PIN-protected guest access provides privacy and security.

wePresent offers true user control

With facilities such as Conference Control, which allows a designated moderator to preview, select and control which participant presents. Once a participant presents, the wePresent WiCS-2100 is said to offer true user control, rather than just user interface control.

Users can make annotations on a virtual whiteboard or on-screen over their presented content, and these annotations can be saved by the audience as screenshots, or to a USB drive. Up to 64 participants can be accommodated, with the on-screen layout changing dynamically to optimise the displayed content. The WiCS-2100 is based on IP-to-IP communications, so remote users attached via the same network can be accommodated.

The Extended Desktop feature on the WiCS-2100 allows presenters to share content for display through the wePresent presentation system while viewing different content on their own screen.

To share audio/video content, users can use AirPlay and Chromecast. Utilising the native mirroring function of their devices, this does not require them to install software or an app.

The WiCS-2100 offers enterprise level security with SALSA20 data encryption, gatekeeper settings, and individualised control over IP settings. The wePresent webpage can be secured with an HTTPS certificate.

For enterprise clients with a large deployment environment, wePresent offers its Collaborative ManagementSuite.