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Wireless dimmers from Crestron

The new wireless CLWI-DIMUEX lighting dimmers provide native Crestron dimming control to any light fitting in new or retrofit 230V applications.

New from Crestron, the CLWI features infiNET EX wireless technology. It can be installed in virtually any location thanks to mesh networking. Universal dimming provides automatic compatibility with both forward and reverse phase loads, providing installers with a wireless solution for all projects.

The CLWI series features engravable buttons that can be swapped out in the field for project-by-project customisation. The positive snap-on fittings require no tools and configuration is made simple. Simply configure the dimmer or switch with a large rocker or any combination of up to two adjacent half-size rockers or triple button pad. In addition to this, each CLWI is shipped with a full assortment of blank buttons for future amendments.

“The CLWI range can easily connect to any Crestron network and then function as a keypad, sending commands to whole-room lighting scenes or integrated audio functions,” says Mark Tallent, lighting product manager at Crestron.

“The in-wall dimmer or switch serves as a great user control interface in any Crestron system. Its single-box form factor maximises control capability in a small space while increasing the opportunity for Crestron control in every room. We have also been extremely mindful of the design, with aesthetically-matched keypads also available for Cresnet or infiNET EX communications.”

Built on infiNET technology, infiNET EX can handle a wide range of installations, from urban settings to ancient walls where sensitive installation practices must be observed. The redundant nature of its mesh networking technology means that a command will never be missed.

In addition to field replaceable buttons, the CLWI series features screw-clamp connectors for simplified wiring while reducing installation time and material costs. The slight profile of the CLWI series can be installed in square gang boxes making them the perfect choice for both new and retrofit projects.

The CLWI-DIMUEX supports dimming control of the same lighting load from more than one location and without requiring a special remote dimmer. Connect any standard, maintained or momentary, switch to the ‘remote’ terminal on the CLWI-DIMUEX for on/off control and the momentary push-button switches provide full dim up/down and on/off control. Easily replace existing dimmers and switches wired in a traditional multi-way circuit with dim control from every location, or design new projects to accommodate remote dimmers wherever desired.