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Warsaw University installation for Audica Professional

In response to these requirements, Tommex proposed a system comprising 10 pairs of MICROline loudspeakers, augmented by MICROpoints for additional fill. The system is used in conjunction with three MICROzone controller/amplifiers, a pair of Dynacord D8 loudspeakers (situated at the front to provide focus) and Klark Teknik processors.

Derek West, sales director of Audica Professional, told II: “The wide horizontal and controlled vertical dispersion make the MICROline ideal for this application. The flat frequency response is also well behaved at all levels, maintaining sound quality and intelligibility. I’ve been involved in many such installations in historic buildings with previous companies, and the desire has always been to try to hide the loudspeaker boxes that are very intrusive on the architecture; this always results in compromising the audio in favour of reduced aesthetic impact. With MICROline’s discreet elegant design this has not been an issue and Tommex has been able to use this advantage to design the system with ideal loudspeaker placement and achieve the best acoustic results.”