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W-DMX flying high in Singapore

After careful planning, Brenan and his team specified the W-DMX system to transport the DMX signal to the Color Kinetics LED modules on the wheel’s spokes and capsules. A total of four W-DMX BlackBox Transmitters were provided to handle four DMX Universes, together with 28 W-DMX BlackBox Receivers.

The installation takes advantage of the wireless co-existence tool included in the W-DMX Generation 3 system, which allows the user to choose settings on the W-DMX products, enabling harmonious operating conditions with all other wireless networks in the area.

Niclas Arvidsson, CEO of Wireless Solution Sweden, told II: “The Singapore Flyer is truly outstanding. When Tony [Symms, project lighting manager for Creative Lighting Asia, which supplied the equipment] first talked about this project, we knew it would be challenging, but absolutely possible. Projects like this make me proud to be in this business. Seeing the final result and knowing that it simply couldn’t have happened without W-DMX is the best feeling in the world!”